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Blood For Oil

Lessons in might, lessons in stress

Teachings of right, reasons of less

Seekers of strenght, only they guess

Will they proceed, or will they suppress

Frequent, illusive, you have the power to follow the one

Decisive, conclusive, the fall of the world has just begun

Wasteful, astounding, violence and force is the only way

Corrupted, misguided, we will lose thousands of people today

The fall of priest Hussein

Allah is to blame

Islamic fools of war

Soon will live no more


Ablative, abeyance, depriving the world with disruption of peace

Deceitful, fascists, holding the fate of the world in our hands

Harmonic, defiance, taking for granted the gift human life

Ironic, compliance, testing the fruits of their progressive toys


Will trade our blood for oil

Until our hands have been soiled

Civilians, pawns and kings

Will pay the penalty

The countdown of the endless problems

All the endless fools soon brought down

Never knowing where they've fallen

Has our Creator been calling

Countless bodies, piles of ashes

Severed mortar, wasteful clashes

Is the worth the whole disaster

Is the life, we're dying faster

Seasons of death, a game of chess

Leaders of pawns, where do they spawn

Just raised for war, to open the door

The door of demise, the deadly surprise

Repeat CHORUS #1


Blood For Oil / Abomination

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