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Love Dont Come Easy

Baby I'm down to what you want

But there's some conditions you'll have to follow

You know that I'm not afraid to party

So do you wanna have some fun

You're gonna have to get to know me better

Let's go where the music's pumpin'

That's where I want to be

Don't think about anything else boy

I'm feein' right so just vibe with me tonight

(1) Cuz it's all about feeling good

You've got to free your mind

It's feels so good when the music hits ya

It's all about feeling good

You've got to ease your mind

Baby get into it, cuz it feels so right

I'm hip to the way, the way we get along

I never thought you had it in ya, you're trying to turn me out

Now you think you're all that baby, let me show you how

How you do it, I know I can hold my own

Baby how you feeling now

Don't trip I'm just grooving to the music

Just let your body flow

Boy come here move a little closer

It's all about, it all about a good time tonight


Пола Абдул

Love Dont Come Easy / Пола Абдул

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