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My Frist Ride

My First Ride---weeehoooo

waiting outside

I'm stepping inside----weeehoooo

I don't really care what everybody says

got a hot ride, blows the girls away

Anyway all I wanna do is drive OKAY

can't see, can't sleep unh and I can't wait

Anyday, anyday now it's official

AC -i'mon place my initials

the little weasel's now got diesel

I can hold the steering wheel steady-get ready

When I gotta refuel, crank the track up

Now i'm grown up but I aint all sewn up

I'm coming through with the system blasting

banging my head hell raisin' RAISIN'!!!

Watch me ride 'til the tank is empty

anywhere I wanna go don't tempt me

I wanna roll in the hoopty- a Bentley

ridin' ridin' ridin'

Catch me or you're gonna be left lonely

in the dust of the one and only

can't hold me control me

when i'm ridin ridin ridin

Rubber burn, rubber burn it's my turn

Take care when you cross the road - my concern

Feels like Formula One but Oh No

I'm gettin' pulled over by the 1-5-0

woo-oo woo-oo What's the deal yo unh

Officer tell me what's the problem-o

Аарон Картер

My Frist Ride / Аарон Картер

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