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Younge Hearts Run Free

Younge Hearts Run Free

(Romeo And Juliet)

{On lusty gentlemen}

Young hearts ?

Run free?

Never get hung up

{Like my man and me}

{Hung up} like my man and me?

{Like my man and me}

Run free?

Young hearts run free

Never be hung up like my man and me

{Like my man and me}

Young hearts

To your selves be true

Dont be no fool lovin?me darlin?you

{I said Lovin?me darlin?you}

Whats the sense of sharing?

This on and only life

Ending up another lost and lonely life

You count up the years and theyll be filled with tears

I say I wanna live a hundred times a day

Its easier said then done

I just cant break away {faded}

{Italian man singing an opera song}

Submitted by Lia

Аарон Картер

Younge Hearts Run Free / Аарон Картер

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