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When It Comes To You

Oh yeah (oh yeah)

Six thirty mama get you out of bed

e-mail what you gonna wear to you girlfriend

Skip you Breakfast, forget your backpack

When your half way, and you runback

Your daddy's angel with a halo

Everybody's looking at you more like a J. Lo

There is so much more to you

So put me to the test

I don't have to guess

What you wanna know now baby

When it comes to you

I know everything and anything

What you like to do

What you like to wear

What your putting in your hair

I know you smile when you get mad

I know the Green Mile makes you sad

I'll stop for now

But I ain't through though

When it comes to you

Now your middle name is August

But I remember you were born in November

You lived in Jersey but you from Ontario

Your twin sister likes to talk in stereo

We got so much in common

Like Jane

Аарон Картер

When It Comes To You / Аарон Картер

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