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She Wants Me

(feat. Nick Carter)


Attention Ladies and Gentlemen...

School's in!


Man, shut up


Time to teach you a little somethin' bro


Haha! Ya right!


What? What's this you say?


Just back off dawg. She wants me


Are You talkin' junk?


Haha! Dude you can't have her...C'mon


Check it out

Saw you when you were trying to kick it to her

Got a little kiss and you were

Tellin everybody that she was into you

Don't tell me you think you got her

It's all become a little hotter

She's been going with me, I guess you never knew

Don't get hung up about it

It's not you that she needs...



I'm the one, she told me so

I don't want to be the one to tell you

It's not you she wants to see, it's me

So give it up, turn her loose

You knew you were never meant to be

You're too blind to see

You gotta let it be, she wants me, me

She wants me, me


Alright, I'm gonna break it down

She's got you kind of mixed up and twisted

You had a good shot and missed it

Sorry bro, I guess you're getting too confused

She told me I'm the one she runs to

Whenever she wants some fun, dude.

You better get your facts straight

I'm telling you the truth

You're too hung up about it

And you don't really know what she needs




Hahaha. Yeah right


Аарон Картер

She Wants Me / Аарон Картер

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