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Final Warning

in parenthesis is Playa ad-libing*


Ooh who keeps calling you

Boy I ain't scared of you

No no see I got your number

Tell me who you snuck and gave your number to.


Ooh your tripin' now (see you trippin')

Girl quit fussin' now

Naw you can't go jumpin to conclusions

It's ringin' but that doesn't mean I've been foolin'

does it?


Not right now I'm busy

Call me in the morning whoa-whoa-oa-oa

Your telphone's awful busy

They callin' in the morning

That was your final warning

Don't call me in the morning whoa-whoa-oa-oa


Who keeps buggin' you

Or who's been lovin' you

Tell me "Are You"...

"Are You That Somebody?"

Or is it you've been lovin' on somebody else


Woo what the hell you talkin' 'bout?

And could you put that finger down

I'm always going to be the "Same Ol' G"

Are you leaving or stayin' with me?

Tell me....

(Aaliyah & Playa Repeat Chorus 1x)


Someone keeps buggin' you, tell me

(Aaliyah & Playa Repeat Chorus until fade


Final Warning / Алия

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