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Description Of A Fool Lyrics


fool - defined in webster's

open up the book, read it read it

turn the page, see what it says

read it to me will you please

(one who acts dope ???

so what does it mean to me?)

that's you (how's that?) cos of the way you act (huhhh?!?!)

standin on the corner sellin girbauds (what you talkin bout?)

scalin your friends and also your foes

what's the matter wit'cha boy? (ain't nuttin wrong with me, mother...)

you big galoot (huh?), you nincompoop (what?)

what's wrong wit you? you can't compute (yes sure i can compute)

don't fix your lips to tell me you can

standin on the poley playin pusher man

what you got to do with yourself? (oh what?)

can't you be somebody else? (no)

look at you described to a tee (huh)

you're a fool of many in society

i know some more, i shall go on

and continue in the song, fooled the fool

"fool" - scratched by ali shaheed

(man i don't know what you're talkin bout callin me a fool

i've been out here for twentysome odd years

doin my thing, i ain't no fool man

you crazy or something?

i'm gonna stick this, right up your...)


the girl i talked to she's sort of neurotic (yeah)

her crazy ex-boyfriend is really psychotic (uh-huh)

scares the girl by threatenin her life (word)

says "girl, you're dead if you're not my wife" (oh man)

beats in her public, beats her in private (yes)

tried it 'round me, "almost" won't buy it (what you mean?)

said "forget him, don't you know he's a loser"

who would love a woman turn around and abuse her (ohh)

only a fool as described by the tribe

here's another one who's on the fool vibe (okay)

gonna make it shor

A Tribe Called Quest

Description Of A Fool Lyrics / A Tribe Called Quest

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