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Out In The Dark

Seems like so many nights

Get the 66 while dusk kills the light

Go ahead and swill two in the back

Looking down on a Cadillac

Catch the headliners first note

Have a drink on someone you know

Stroke of midnight your friends turn a blur

Life seems like shit,

all you think of is her and...

I'm all out in the dark

The corner clock on the walk strikes four

It's quarter of five when

I fall through the door

I'm all out in the dark

Anything you want, or anything you need

So go and sniff your way around

Cause it's getting hard to see

The smoke will never clear

And once you're here you'll never leave

And that pounding, spinning, twitching

You should watch what you eat!

Looks like a blue sky tonight

To twenty eyes it's a familiar sight

Crawl in the sack at sunrise on the mark

Now I want blood cause when I wake

Again it starts

A Global Threat

Out In The Dark / A Global Threat

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