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 A Global Threat A Global Threatамериканская панк группа

Everyones Afraid

preach about the poisons that contaminate the earth

follow a religion, others question what it's worth

frustrated by the outcome, but never say a word

talk about the causes, but never say a word

we all know the problems

we all know the fear

all have existed, but haven't changed in all these years

talk about the guard who wears the flag on his sleeve

burning in his eyes he's blinded by belief

belief in a structure built in the past

time creates an action, but it better happen fast

hand out all the pamphlets

peel all the stickers

little do we know that the woods are getting thicker

who creates a path

we all know the way

let down your guard, cause everyone's afraid

A Global Threat

Everyones Afraid / A Global Threat

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