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The Way It Is

help me, these kids have escaped the life i condemned them to live

i am the law of the youth i'm armed to control not protect

childhood's spent in school to teach them the ways of the world

then send them to work and to war cause this system's what they reject

i feed them my morals to live to live for the state and the organized church

anyone who thinks for them self is different and doesn't belong

these kids are rebellious and now they need to be stopped right away

they have no respect for the and their will to live is too strong

fuck you you bastards

they don't want a revolution

but a change in power's the only solution

take your laws away

fuck the world and fuck my peers i won't forget the past 18 years

and i won't regret the rest from this

order was established for us, decisions made before we were born

that's how it is and how it will be we live in conditions we hate

the next generation is here. we don't have to live by their rules

respect and compassion are void, but for us it's not too late

fuck you you bastards

the way it is, is the way it was and the way it will stay

just because so many of us want to accept it without a fight

fight back for your right to live any way you want to be

fuck those who refuse to accept your individuality

fuck those who control our future, mentally beating us down

let's show all those fucking stiffs, that we're in deep but we won't drown

fuck you you bastards

take your future back

A Global Threat

The Way It Is / A Global Threat

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