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 A Global Threat A Global Threatамериканская панк группа

In The Red

We've been good, but I know we can do better

Exactly what's expected right down to the fucking letter

If nothing's changed then where's my brain

If there's no reaction, we're bored again

Time to turn the volume up

More than before for those corrupt

In the red

Just look at your alternatives

We're not some fucking group for hire

And we wouldn't sing flat if we were really a choir

What's to gain by what we're playing?

Unless it's watered down it's not accepted by the mainstream

Loud and fast

Got no money

Couldn't care less

Play it louder

I don't like the fuckin' scene

You say it's part machine

He thinks it's too nice or too clean

They just want to be the stars

Make money with guitars

Why would they accept anything less?

We don't try to relate

With the consumer's taste

I couldn't think straight

If we were Green Day

So we'll play loud instead

Till the meter's in the red

We'll lose our fuckin' heads

'Cause this is not dead

A Global Threat

In The Red / A Global Threat

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