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Elitist Attitudes

you put quarters in the juke box to complain about the songs

you used to be supportive now you're telling us we're wrong

but nothing's really changed, we're still a bunch of kids

still singing nothing fucking different than we ever did

still playing for the kids

but why should i be justifying what we try to do

to somebody who sits around talking shit like you

you try to so hard to segregate

the kids who still participate in what you claim to be part of

you eliminate it

divide and seal our fate

elite few

who needs you?

elite few

the maine punx are everywhere, in every fucking state

it's all the kids who refuse to live how their fucking peers dictate

it's all the kids out getting shit for how they look and how they think

that's why we'r all still singing it, and anyone can join in

you missed the fucking point

A Global Threat

Elitist Attitudes / A Global Threat

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