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Its Too Late

It's too late

To fall in love with sharon tate

But it's too soon

To ask me for the words i want carved on my tomb

So i think it's time that you all start

To think about gettin' by

But what about that need to go out and find somebody to love

It's too late

There's no one left that i even wanna imitate

You see, you just don't know

I'm here to give you my heart

And you want some fashion show

But it ain't no contribution

To go and rely on an institution

To validate your chosen art

And sanction your boredom

And let you play out your part

It's too late

You know when they got nothin' to give

They only part their legs for what's negative

And they're so decadent . . .

Until their daddy's money from home's all spent

So i think it's time, 'cuz it's too easy

To rely on worshipping strangers and devils in bed,

Though they do get good drugs, and they do give good head

It's too late

You shoulda realized i was worth the wait

Ah, but you didn't hesitate

When she took you off, you let her seal our fate

So i think it's time

That you all start

To think about gettin' by

Without that need to go out and find

Somebody to love

7 Year Bitch

Its Too Late / 7 Year Bitch

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