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Colour Blind

I don't feel that prejudice,

Can't see divided lines.

To me we are all just the same,

Our difference in our souls and minds.

You tell me that the difference,

Is red, brown, black and white.

A world of such variety,

To you becomes an excuse for hate.


We've gotta learn, have hope, unite

And care enough to end this fight.

You're hating with no real insight,

And burning crosses in the night.

A hundred years of barriers,

Yet still we can't see fit

To bring about world unity

And learn to live with it.

Now I'm not just complaining

And I won't preach to anyone,

But we should think about it

'Cos this war has not just begun.

(Repeat Chorus

7 Seconds

Colour Blind / 7 Seconds

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