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Bump Heads Feat. Eminem/Tony Yayo

[50 Cent]

Yeah, Shady, Hahahaha

G G G G G G G G-Unit


Here we go again

[50 Cent]

Does it make you mad when I switch my flow?

You can't understand how I get my dough

50 Cent I'm on fire cause Shady said so

I'm on fire


Everybody's in a rush try to get the throne

I just get on the track and try to set the tone

I ain't tryna use nobody as a steppin stone

But don't compare me

I'm better off jus' left alone

And I ain't even tryna go there wit record sales

I'm just tryna keep it humble and respect myself

Say what up, keep steppin, and just rep D-12

Keep my nose clean, stay away from weapons, jail

And livin wreckless

But if you go check my belt

You may see something else I used to protect myself

A vest, to stop a Rueger and deflect the shells

And send 'em back at you faster than they left the barrel

And I don't even carry guns no more, I don't got to

Got undercover cops that'll legally pop you

And I done seen a lot of people cross the line

But this motherfucker Ja musta lost his mind

That X, got him thinkin' he was DMX

Then he switched to 'Pac now he's tryna be him next

So which one are you? X, Luther, Pac or Michael

Juss keep singin' the same song, recycled

We'd all much rather get along and fight you

Me and Hailie danced to your songs we liked you

And you don't really wanna step inside no mic booth

C'mon now, you know the white boy'll bite you

I hurt your pride dawg and you know I don't like to

But I will if I have to, with syllable after syllable I just slap you

Killin' you fasta than you poppin' pill afta little pill of them

50 cent

Bump Heads Feat. Eminem/Tony Yayo / 50 cent

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