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Hail Mary Remix

[Intro: Eminem]

Makaveli, rest in peace

Irv Gotti, too much Bacardi in his body

Mouth like a 12 gauge shotty (feel me!)

{*starts singing chorus in background*}

And this bitch said he should be

The lost forgotten seed of Tupac

To lead this industry into the ways of the man

Follow me...!

[Chorus: Eminem]

Come get me

If you motherfuckas want Shady

If Pac was still here now

He would never ride with Ja

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na

[Verse 1: Eminem]

You ain't no killa, you a pussy

That ecstasy done got you all emotional and mushy

Bitch is wearin' rags in photos, Ja's words bein' quoted

In The Source stealin' Pac's shit like he just wrote it

You loudmouths, pray to God hopin' no one's listenin'

See 50 comin' for me I'ma guard my, my position

No one'll pay attention to me, please Gotti

Here I go, give me this pill

Ecstasy done got me feelin' so invincible

Now all a sudden I'm a fuckin' mad man who screams like I'm Pac

But I'm not, enemies, Hennessy

Actin' like I'm great, but I'm fake, I'm crazy

Sweat drip get me off this trip, someone stop this train

Some say my brain is all corrupted fuckin' with this shit

I'm suck, I'm addicted to these drugs, I'ma quit

sayin' motherfuckas names before somebody fucks me up

Ain't no pussies over here partner, see you in hell, fucka

[Chorus: Eminem]

Come get me

Motherfucka, if you want Shady

If Pac was still here n

50 cent

Hail Mary Remix / 50 cent

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