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Give It To Me Remix

50 Cent: GgGgGgGgGgGgGgggggggggggggg------ G-UniT!!

Aww man im feelin myself right now...

Baby if you get on ur knees

put me in ur mouth

and suck me off

you know i got you (3x)

[50 cent]

She was hesitant at first, said she never did it before

soon as i got her goin she was goin like a pro

she went up and down like a merry go round

and round and round and SPLASH!

shes freaky freaky when u get her in the bed

you need G like me to get her to give u head

My conversation is stimulatin, she in room 10-19 in the hilton waitin

She got a thing for ballers, i mean a thing for balls

and i done turned her ass out so im the one she calls

on the cheek she kiss me and she tell me she miss me

Being round me got her used to drinking Don and Cristi

Im a special nigga, look im used to grindin

Keep that Benz-o clean and them spreewells shinin

Baby if you get on ur knees

put me in ur mouth

and suck me off

you know i got you (3x)

[Lloyd Bank$]

You cant be serious, its 4 in da mornin

watchu mean a hotel? the fuck you think everybody else at?

Bright in the morning, i roll over guess whats on my shoulder

a pretty brown round round, who-kid stompin is goin downtown

but at night with no lights, ill have you wondering if thas a lightening bug in your mouth

or a glow in the dark tongue ring

Banks need a ghetto chick, set a nigga up with ass

stick around till he fall asleep, then get in his stash

leave her with everything, rubberband stacks in the grass

ass so fat, she get hand claps when she pass

I aint neva had a girl, but you can be my bottom bitch

i done been around the world, we done hit all kinds of chicks

Range Rover, never sober

Hennessy but never soda

B-A-N-K dolla

50 cent

Give It To Me Remix / 50 cent

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