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If I Cant (Remix)

feat. Jay-Z

[Intro - 50 Cent] (Jay-Z)

(YES!) Yeah, ha, ha, yeah, yeah

I know you hear the footsteps

[Chorus - 50 Cent]

If I can't do well, homey, it can't be done

Now I'ma let the champagne bottle pop

I'ma take it to the top

Fo sho' I'ma make it hot, baby (baby)

[Verse 1 - 50 Cent]

I apply pressure to pussies, that stuntin' I pop

Stand alone squeezin' my pistol, I'm sure that I gotta

Now Peter Piper picked peppers, and Run rocked rhymes

Now 50 Cent, I write a lil' bit, but I pop nines

Tell niggaz, "Get they money right," cause I got mine

And I'm around quit playin' nigga, you can't shine

You gon' be that next chump, to end up in the trunk

After bein' hit by the pump, is that what you want

Be easy nigga, I lay your ass out

Be-lieve me nigga, that's what I'm about, gangsta

You could find a nigga sittin on chrome

Hit the clutch, hit the gear, hit the gas and I'm gone (Yeah!)


[Verse 2 - Jay-Z] (50 Cent)

Everybody wanna rhyme like Hov'

'Cause I rhyme like, I be rhymin' in the Rove', rhymin' in them HO!

Ma like the diamond will blind you at the show

I don't shine, I glow, I remind you of that dough

Don't I, did I, hustle the game, just the thought alone

Give me a boner, coach caved into a coma

Can't out hustle a hustla

You can't out play a player, this rap shit is a lay-up

In my former buis' motherfuckers will spray ya

In the music buis' motherfuckers, just say stuff

Spit on ya sprayer, niggaz just play tough

When the camera's on, when the camera's gone

Niggaz wanna set up meetings

'Cause they know most likely when I see 'em, I'ma set up a beatin'-ac

50 cent

If I Cant (Remix) / 50 cent

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