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Just Fuckin Around

[50 Cent]

You can hum all you want to

Cum all you want to

But I ain't gon' want you

If nobody wants you

You like the smiles n the dimples on my face

BITCH that's a bullet wound I ain't MASE!

50 Cent skip the bullshit, you fuckin' tonight

I got some dro, got some henny

We can go and get right

I ain't never been arrested for nothing domestic

But I ain't gon' lie I'll punch a bitch in the eye

Look, don't play games with me baby

The temptation, the wait, is driving me crazy

Come on give me some ass girl... WHAT UP!

I don't wanna make love

I just wanna fuck

I'm only in town tonight

If you give me some head

Tony, give you some head


Cause I ain't giving you no head, bitch

Tony, Tony be on that freaky shit

My nigga Tony give you some fucking head though

Nada Mean

That's why the bitches love Tony, Ha Ha

Alright now, Sha let's get to some hard shit!

[Beat Changes]

[50 Cent]

If I make it to heaven

I'll probably be in the bitch lonely

Walk around saying, 'Everybody in hell know me'

You heard of Banks, you heard of Yayo, them niggaz my homies

You probably thinking how he get there

That nigga my coatie

The weather in hell is kinda hot

You know like the block

I heard it really burns

Homie, you know like a shot

That's alright for me shit

Cause Im in the drop

Drive around heavy

Tryna find BIG and PAC

Niggaz think when they die

All they problems stop

You die in jail, and wake up in hell

Still on lock

Imagine if you stole something and you got shot

Wake up holdin' your head, still shot

Niggaz don' die

50 cent

Just Fuckin Around / 50 cent

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