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Yeah nigga

We gonna smoke this motherfucker right here, right

We gonna smoke this shit

And I'ma drink a lot a water

And I'ma take Golden Seal, so my PO don't find out

I'm smoking this shit, aight?

Yo, niggas wouldn't rob Frankie if they had the chance

Wasn't cause of him it was cause of his man Lance

Frankie cut crack

Lance hold the Mac

If fiends fuck with Frankie's pac's

Lance cut the crack heads blocked up

Thought he was locked up

Came thru stuntin' wit his wrist all rocked up

Shoulda seen him smile, missin' the tooth

Coupe missin the roof

He like "What up, 50?"

I'm like "What up with you"

Lance had a reputation that was well earned

Heard he taught niggas how them shells burn

Out there in Red Firm

At the dice game, he rolled ahead, crapped in the crack

I'm like "Nah, I ain't paying for that! Nigga, shoot it back"

Niggas lookin at me like I'm crazy, they shook

I don't give a fuck who he shot out in Red Hook

Asked him about ??

Yeah, Bizzy was my man till he beat me for ten grand and sold my Mac for

seven grand (Fuckin' crazy)

The man was crazy I could tell by his look

Cause he looked the way I look

When I look for a jooks



Teamwork, work hard nigga

50 cent

Rotten Apple


Lloyd Banks

Tony Yayo, nigga

Hey what up, nigga

You motherfuckin' right this DJ Clue Grand Theft Audio 2

Get the fuck out the car nigga don't make me rush you, nigga

Shoot that nigga, 50!

50 cent

Clue-50 / 50 cent

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