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 3LW 3LWАмериканское трио, исполняющее музыку в стиле тин-поп и R'n'B.

The no more rap

So, what playa? Chill now! Tell me how you sounded when you found out! Hunny gotta break it down, down! I see it ain't no thang but wha's my name, Keelay, Keelay. Angaloma,Texas so tell me wha's the dillay dillay? Oh you wanna croche now but I'm paid now, I kno u hate that! Oh you got it goin on now, your da bomb now, cuz u felt u goin back: say that! You could do whatever to me? And be together with me? You could do better than me? No more, never for me


The no more rap / 3LW

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