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Good Good Girl

[Verse 1 (Adrienne)]

Should I give you some,

That is the question and will it change the way you look at me.

I have been so afraid, while you've been patient.

My mother would have a fit, if she could see.


You made a good good girl, do a bad bad thang.

Although my mind is strong, my body, isn't listening.

See I know right from wrong but my heart won't speak.

So should i stay a good girl or do a bad bad thang.

[Verse 2 (Adrienne)]

I'm burnin insences and candles.

I planned it all perfectly.

Now do you think you can handle, a mesage from me yea.

Yes i know its unexpected.

But when love takes control, you feel naked.

But I'm not afraid no more, i just want you to walk through that door.

and make a...


[Bridge (Kiely)]

Kissing you, feeling you (thats not so bad)

touching you, holding you (Thats not so bad)

wanting you, like i do (thats not so bad)

I almost decided, i tried hard to fight it.

I, I just might, I just might,

Give it to you



Good Good Girl / 3LW

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