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Welcome (2)

Welcome to this groove you can move right

We're gonna take you higher (higher)

Not caught in the quagmire (mire)

I can't survive on the stupid 9 to 5

I'd rather be poor writin' tunes livin' on a commune

Kickin' it with my brothers (brothers)

And significant others (others)

Life in pursuit of only money we think its funny

The only thing that money it could ever bring for me

Would be some gifts for my friends follow me now

Trips for my family

The only thing I love is freedom

The people around me I need ?‚?‘em

I'd like to buy the world coat but like I said I said

You could never get me interested in dreams of wealth

Myself my birthday happens to land on April 12th whack

A Coney Island of the mind it's mine

I swipe the sweets strip the beats in the sunshine

Loco holmes I stroll because I'm thinkin'

A tone poem alone is love medicine then the demon

Spring revolution in my spirit here it is and I will kill with it

Ta-ta-ta Travelin' head spinnin' from the medicine

Illusions fadin' out and comin' on again

Unwind your mind then find entire minutes

Abstract the tract of sight day breakin' in it

Doles out my share of the world, ocean, and sun

Rising with whirling motion


I fought, kicked, and screamed my way to getting born

Now I feel warm and I say come on the night won't save anyone

Won't you roam we've grown so we can let again

I'm so selected oh white foam the travellin'

We're here, we're breathing and we wanna keep out blood running

So we're gonna keep gunning to the next homecoming

I like to boogie to the bang (he said come up) bang boogie

Say jump the boogie to the bang bang come on


Welcome (2) / 311

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