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Fake Ass Bithes

*little kid* Tell me about these fake ass bitches


Look here little nigga

Most of these niggaz be bitches too

but you'll never hear that side of the story

So uhh, we finna do this shit like this

It's like I tell my niggaz, keep your eyes on these bitches

They love to G a nigga young dumb and gettin riches

What the fuck you think a trick is nigga

Nigga done stick and wet his dick

and then get tricked out all his riches by a - BITCH!

I'm here to school you to the rules of the game, it'll cost ya

Think you alla that just cause she let a nigga toss her

It's like a motherfuckin priveledge

So don't give up your conversation, give that bitch your 7 digits

When she call ya, ask that tramp whassup

And if she is the type of nigga hang up, worrrd up

And let that bitch meditate to the dial tone

And call me when you're ready to bone, and it's on

A motherfucking mack tonight

Stay that stay strapped cause my raps is tight

You fuckin punks, I hate you snitches

Went against the grain and the game to be fake ass bitches

(God, damn! You can't just hit them niggaz with that game

and expect them to accept it; girl your heard me it gets skanless.

But we gonna kick this shit like this here)

(Chorus) x2

I can't stand fake ass bitches

Lyin ass niggaz and you punk ass snitches

Time to show these bustas who's boss

Run up on a real motherfucker and get tossed

The game is deep, and thicker than a motherfuckin jimmy

Broke hoes runnin round yellin

Тупак Шакур

Fake Ass Bithes / Тупак Шакур

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