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Wife 4 life

[4th Avenue Liberty Jones'] [K-Ci]

Tat Chat Chat Ooooooooooh

4th Avenue Jones'

K-Ci himself (himself, himself) Shabba dabba dee swee swee

Ha Ha Oh yeah, lemme tell ya now, oh yeah

[4th Avenue Liberty Jones']

I never planned that I'd be married to settle no chance (yeaah)

Wedding bands rock the heaviest metal

And I'm the center hip hop

My M3 seat three, don't need comission (that's right)

So either we rhyme or design the beat to flip with

Don't stick with music cuz I hand lose it

It seranades me while I land cruise it

If I'm stressed or soothing

Something I can make the fans move with

Said I be singing til I saw you was like ""Man, who dis?""

While JD Mingle be gettin at you with a brand new twist

Switchin my linger, wishin I could be the one you cling to

I ask you for you number maybe I can ring you

Six months later when I'm sick my baby bringin me food

Hang with the fellas I said ""Mainly, I'll be hangin wit you""

Ready to have that satisfaction of you saying ""I do"" (yeaaaah)

Since you finally did it, now we together mind, body, spirit

That's something can't no body interfere with, for life (for life)

[Chorus 1: K-Ci] x2

4 Life

My Wife 4 Life

You say, ""Yes""

Yes you will be my wife

My wife my wife

[4th Avenue Liberty Jones']

I bet you be strapped at point little pubs

Said she never give her number out to dudes in the clubs

That's the boogees and acceptions cuz she's showing me love

Body bangin like the county but I avoid the rub

Prolly to use to dudes jockin, all I asked was a hug

So she slid me the digits, mashed out in a Bug

A couple months pass, and we the item 'round town

But I'm feelin like the worm,

Тупак Шакур

Wife 4 life / Тупак Шакур

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