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We Do This

[Short Dawg]

I do it like the best of the greatest, not the worst

Like welfare day, can't stop the first of the month

Can't stop Short Dawg neither

Got a good hoe niggaz sure better keep her

Cause I'm on the prowl, all the time

Tryin knock every bitch so they all be mine

And I ain't never, ever gone change my ways

Drop a few lines, leave a bitch in a daze

Have her homegirls wonderin what she do

Fucked around and gave me that pussy too

I be doin this shit on a regular basis

Got bitches everywhere in all kind of places

I can pull out my little black phone book

Flip every last page take a long look

Than pull out a bitch, like a rabbit out a hat

Nigga if I want, I can have it like that

Fuck two or three bitches at the same time

Grab the microphone sing my rhyme

About them same three bitches that fucked me good

Us niggas gotta do what the fuck we should when we want to

I might pass it

So get butt naked, shake that ass bitch

I'm bout as real as the stones in my diamond rings

You can hate my guts, but I'm gone do these things, bitch

[MC Breed]

Ahhh why have a nine, when I can have a ten

Lickin up the nuts, while I'm gone holler at her friend

Bitch, ain't no time for me to teach her

Rather have an everyday hoe, that umm knows how to treat a nigga

Thinkin if she ain't lickin me up

I'm givin her to Short, cause he don't give a fuck

Do yourself a favor and quit callin my house

If you really don't want this nigga to put this dick in your mouth

Umm, have you seen my bitch?

I ain't seen her, but if i do she gets dick

That's what I'm givin her just like that

To the front and back, nothing but the bozack

The se

Тупак Шакур

We Do This / Тупак Шакур

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