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Wanted Dead Or Alive


Got me up against the fence, back against the wall

Get to actin like a fool, cause ain't no justice for the dog

Got to take it out on all y'all, better read the papers

all my homies goin crazy baby only God could save us

got my, min on currency hurry see I ain't worried

It's a gangsta party, so Bad Boy gettin buried

Snoop Dogg, why they fantasize? (fantasize)

When we ride, it's a must havin sets die, everytime

[Snoop Dogg]


Yes yes y'all, not $hort but Snoop Dogg

And you know it's like that y'all


I'm so smooth about my paper check it just how it's done

I'm servin any on a platter Snoop Dogg Corleone

Corleone, now do you know what that mean?

A Teflon Don to this hip-hop game, super supreme

It's like what happen can happen but will it stop

that won't happen I'm feelin good about the mission for jackin


Aiyyo patnah, can you feel me?

Why these fools, tryin ta kill me?


It's so hard to stay focused on my eyes and prize

But if I don't, the Dogg won't survive


We ballin in my opinion eternal was wild wheel spinnin

One sip a minute is represented for five minutes

Two of the livest wanted dead or alive

we riders inventers because we ain't quiet and watch the G's ride

Two of Amerikkkaz Most, straight out the West Coast

Bow down fool, this is Death Row

Been waitin way too long, bust out the pen, now it's on

C'mon, Snoop Dogg, time to bone

[Snoop Dogg]

Ain't nuttin changed too down to hang I slang a bang with a rhyme

Me and the homey Pac trippin Death Row on knobs

Gon survive by Eastside of DPG'z

Still creepin bump th

Тупак Шакур

Wanted Dead Or Alive / Тупак Шакур

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