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R U Still Down (x3)

Now up and at em it`s on, I was raised to be strong

And Mama told me be a Thug since the day I was born

I came up, out the gutter never changed my style

Got for real about my papers, cause the game was wild

And the fame was a plot to try to change me

And what`s strange is nobody knew my name `fore it came

Now the whole world is calling me a, killer

All I ever did, was try to reach the kids with the real

All the time I was ballin, never heard my friends callin

Couldn`t stop myself from fallin, I`m all in

Shit`s gettin sleazy, believe me

Best to take what ya need, but don`t be greedy

Cause in my mind, I see sunshine, I thought

I didn`t have to run, now I`m duckin from the gun yellin, `One-Time`

Take your time to feel my record, and if you did

chill a second, my blind method, will still wreck it

My young homies stay strong

I wonder if they`ll listen to a nigga when he gone, R U Still Down?

(Chorus) x5

Raise em up... R U Still Down?

I`m gettin high, so a nigga think he touch the sky

Turn tough inside, in the rush to die

Livin life as a Thug time to face the truth

What`s goin on with the wasted youth, please God

come and save me (save me), had to work with what ya gave me

And got a nigga goin crazy

I can`t read the signs, I`m blind, but a nigga know

he need his nine, cause times, they ain`t what they used to be

Ain`t a penitentiary built big enough for me

and my niggaz on the streets, man listen

Cause these ain`t the old days

Ain`t no way I`ma bustin my ass and gettin no pay

It seems I can`t find my focus, and homey I ain`t paranoid

I seen the future and it`s hopeless

Lord knows, its hard on a young scrub

It seems I had less problems when I slung drugs-acap

Тупак Шакур


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