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Yo c`mon man, what do you mean you don`t wanna ride with me nigga

C`mon, get in the car, get in the fuckin car man

Yo why you trippin man? Get in the fuckin car man

Get in the fuckin car.. get in the car

(Heh, say you, you scared to ride in my car

cause you, you think niggaz gon` be blastin at it

It ain`t even that deep baby)

You don`t have to worry you can ride with me now

Niggaz are quick to scream how they die for me now

Only got one click, we Outlawz on the Row

Fair exchange when we fuck them hoes


Repetitive blows are thrown, to my foes

No love shown get disposed of blasted full blown

My unknown tendencies to mash my car

Getting wicked with my ski-mask, find the stash and dump

Why niggaz run I`m the last one standin the rest die

Victims of my lethal chrome cannon, Westside

Though it`s worldwide no one can deny my views

Tracked it to my very fabric once the plastic blew

Five shots changed my whole life, throats were slit

Niggaz die by my orders when I wrote this shit

Though we go back like wild knights at Latin Quarters

Niggaz tried to kill me, and I fed they wife and they daughters

Blazed the weed, draped they seeds, gave `em cash

Pass the fame and let the game go rollin past

Why you change, it`s a cold world taught me life

Retaliation proves niggaz never caught me right

Say they shot me in my nuts, out of luck quick

Bullshit nigga cause I`m still fuckin yo` bitch

Niggaz got me twisted in a bad way, why you change?

Fuck with me, all this shit pay, nigga fuck the fame

[Young Noble]

Don`t remember "Hit `Em Up," don`t make us do it once.. more

Yo` niggaz know, you ain`t fucking with them Out..lawz

We keep souljas, souljas from Compton to Brooklyn

Your the type to get sn

Тупак Шакур

U DONT HAVE 2 WORRY / Тупак Шакур

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