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These is hard times we livin` in

Churches burnin, planes fallin from the sky

Murder, the good die young

The good definitely die young

This is a lil` somethin`

To help you get through the day

If you could

It was more than a tragedy

Emotions be grabbin` me

Plane fell from the sky

We tryin` to figure what happened

Burnin` churches, fearin` God

Who can be so cruel

We all ignorant to AIDS

Till it happens to you

Just be a man, make plans

Listen to your voice

A woman`s tryin` to make decisions

We should leave them a choice

Cause who are we to say who lives and die

Breathes and stops

All this judgement on other lives

Needs to stop

What are we livin` for

Givin` more back than takin`

On my knees still waitin` for my own salvation

Now I feel abandoned

cause Pat Bucanan say I`m greedy

You can take my taxes, send me to war

But can`t feed me

It`s so easy to regret things

After they done

Babies catchin` murder cases

Scared to laugh in the sun

The tragedies that we all need

Love in doses

In times like these we feel closest

The good die young

Does anybody have an answer why

It seems the good die young

Can anybody tell me why

Can anybody tell me why (2x)

Now in my world will it get worse

When I been trapped since birth

But I had to sleep in a hearse

Cause it was my bed first

My grands probably burnin`

Turnin` in they grave

Some folks ain`t even get to see a high age

But they did so I ain`t afraid

And this money got me feelin like a star

And this murder got me

Feelin like my death ain`t far

And the land (?) and stolen cars

Don`t get no better

Don`t get no weaker or no hard

Тупак Шакур


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