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Тупак Шакур Тупак ШакурАмериканский музыкант, пионер гангста-рэпа, актер, продюсер


Get money nigga

Yeah - aw yeah

Dedicate this one to all the hustlers

that get up every motherfuckin mornin and put they work in

I see you - I see you boy

I'm up before sunrise first to hit the block

Lil' bad motherfucker with a pocket full of rocks

Learned to throw them thangs, get my skinny lil' ass kicked

Niggaz laughed, til the first motherfucker got blas-ted

I put the nigga in his casket

and now they covering the bastard in plastic

I smoke blunts on the regular fuck when it counts

Tryin to make a million dollars out a quarter ounce

Gettin ghost on the five-oh, fuck them hoes

Got a forty-five screamin out surviv-al

Hey nigga can I lay low, cook some ya-yo

and holla five-oj when I say so

Don't wanna go to the pen, I'm hittin fences

NARC's on a nigga back missin me by inches

And they say how do you survive, weighin one-fifty-five

in the city where the little niggaz die

Tell mama don't cry, cause even if they kill me

They can never take the life of a real G

I'm gettin money [4x]

Still on parole and I'm the first nigga servin

Pour some liquor on the curb, for my homies that deserve it

If I wanna make a million, gotta stay dealin

Kinda boomin round the way, think today I make a killin

Dressin down like I'm dirty, but only on the block

just a clever disguise, to keep me runnin from the cops

Gettin high I think I'll die if I don't get no ends

I'm in a bucket but I'm ridin it like it's a Benz

I hit the strip I let my music buck

drinkin liquor and I'm lookin for a bitch to fuck

Rather die makin money, than live poor and legal

as I slang another ounce, I wish it was a kilo

I need money in a major way

Time to fuck my girl, she gettin paid

Тупак Шакур


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