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Ma-ah-an, it ain't easy

They got me goin cold-hearted

Probation, violation, incarceration

Frustration, you know

Fuck that, nigga damn near bouts to start basin

It's hard! Hard on a nigga


Hard on a nigga (yeah it is, yeah it is)

*whispered* Kill kill kill, murder murder murder

Watch out nigga!

Chorus: Now tell me do you see

Life's so hard on a nigga when you livin like a G

(repeat 2X)

[Tupac - chorus 2X throughout]

Daz in this motherfucker

Alright bwoy, drop that shit

Whassup man? Always listen to that shit?

That ole criminal shit? Peep game nigga, peep game, feel me

Verse One:

Travel through my mind am I blind it's a shame

Young niggaz gettin murdered straight took out the game

As I sit here puffin on a cigarette

Gotta be ready, never know who's plottin on a niggaz death

These are the rough times, best to hurry up

and duck muhfucker 'fore I buck mine

It's gettin crazy and everybody's strapped

Surrounded by niggaz but nary a motherfucker down to watch my back

These are the bitch made niggaz, you been played nigga

While you starvin and broke they pullin six figures

Oooh, what can you do

when you can't trust your crew, time to bust out the twenty-two

Boo-yaow! Ran out of weed, so I'm sippin

on this Hennesey, tell me, do you feel me?

Heyyy, I have no remorse

as I take another sip of my liquor and spit my sick thoughts, oooh


Verse Two:

Thuggin to the fullest, got my strap, I'ma pull it

I'm the first muhfucker that can outrun a bullet

It's them Thug Life niggaz, them done like triggers

Got these punk wannabes and they jockin like bitches

Now my riches is gettin hoe-zone, it's on

Fuck a mystery, do you wanna get with me

Тупак Шакур

LIFES SO HARD / Тупак Шакур

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