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Straight out the motherfucking bay

Here we go


Lord help me, save me, Mama keep praying

For a young motherfucker trying to duck an early grave

In the city where ya can`t tell the snakes from the fakes

Fakes from the phonies, enemies of homies

Around the corner there`s another nigga waiting to jack

He don`t know I got a glock `til his ass get shot

Like a motherfucking thug disease

Craving beats like they motherfucking drugs to me, hey

What`s up with bitches trying to screw me? Do me cause I did a movie

Throw the pussy to me but before they never knew me

Rather die then let ya play me for a, buster

And with my glock I`m a plotting ass rotten motherfucker, huh

Don`t let the movie fool ya, let me school ya

Screaming Thug Life nigga when I do ya

I`m going crazy, getting dizzy

And then I suffacate a motherfucking breather bring me back

I`m telling ya I`m losing it


Said I`m losing my mind

Losing my mind (x4)

Big Syke-

I`m going crazy, niggas can`t fade me

On the real I kill when I step to ya fucking grill

So let me kick it let me flip it let me get wicked

I`m not a buster from the hood selling whooped tickets

I hang with G`s flipping keys and smoking weed

I get the cash and dash and never learn to read

So fuck a bitch fuck a hoe and I let ya know

Because they come and go like the wind blows

What am I giving how I`m living what I`m giving up

You can take my life and I don`t give a fuck

Cause I`m the trouble most coming from the west coast

Where the niggas is banging `til the overdose

Killers and murderers, psychos and lunatics

Nobody knows what makes my mind click

Is it the demons, screaming inside of me?

Hell no it`s just the Thug Life mentallity

I`m going c

Тупак Шакур

IM LOSIN IT / Тупак Шакур

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