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Тупак Шакур Тупак ШакурАмериканский музыкант, пионер гангста-рэпа, актер, продюсер


I ain't saying I'm innocent of all this

I'm just saying

This song is for y'all

For all the times I mess up

when we mess up

Dear sister

Got me twisted up in prison

I miss yah


Looking at my nieces and newphews picture

They say don't let this cruel world get yah

Kinda suspicious,

Swearing one day you might leave me

for someone thats richer

Twist the cap off the bottle

I Take a sip And see tommorrow

Gotta make if I have to Beg and Borrow

Reading love letters

late night, locked down, and quiet

If brothers don't recieve their mail

Best believe we riot

Eating Jack mat

Staring at walls of Silence

Inside this cage

Where they captured all my rage and violence

In time I learned a few lessons

Never fall for riches

Aplogizies to my TRUE sisters

Far from bitches

Help me raise my black nation

Reperations are due

Its true

Caught up in this world

I took advantage of you

So tell the babies how I love them

Precious boys and girls

Born black in this white mans world

and all I heard was


Who knows what tommorrow brings

In this world where everyone lies

Where to go

No matter how far I find

To let you know

That You're not alone

Being born with less

I must confess

Only adds on to the stress

Two gunshots to my homies head

Died in his rest

Shot him to death

and Left him bleeding for his family to see

I pass his casket

Gently asking

Is there heaven for G's?

My homeboys doing life

Begging mama be stressing

Shedding tears

When her son finally ask that questions

Where my daddy at?

Mama, Why we live so poor?

Why you c

Тупак Шакур


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