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I lay awake tonite

Because I wanna be with u

If u were beside me I`d playfully kiss u

Each time I see u the feeling gets stronger

U sit with me closer we stare a lot longer

Reach for my drink and for a second we touch

Words r muttered I stutter

Cause I want u taht much

The situation is a no win

Cause he`s my best friend

But now I`m guilty

I`m fallin` for his girlfriend

I know it`s wrong but my heart is filled with purity

I offer passion but he offers security

It`s like a trap that I`m sinkin` into

I wake up sweaty when i`m thinkin` of u

Then we make our contact

And I can`t hold back

I try to shake it but the feeling comes right back

What have i gotten into

I feel possessed by u

I have these thought at nite of undressin` u

It`s kinda obvious blind men might see

But he doesn`t so he keps on trustin me

Leaves me alone with u when he`s on vacation

But how could he leave me with this temptation

What do I do go or stay and play it smart

It`s gettin` rougher cause I suffer from a burnin` heart

My burnin` heart


Girl u r my one and only

U r my angel and now u wanna leave me lonely

What did I do baby did I treat u bad?

My heart is broken and now u wanna make me sad

I remember when this love affair first started

We were so in love and now we are departed

Girl I`ll buy anything your heart desires

I have to let u know baby your my fire

Warm and wet each kiss I prolonged

It`s your sweet caress that makes life too strong

Just being with u and see the two of us

Walking along the beach u know u r my peach

So sweet and my love i surrender

No need to pretend that u want it to end

I`ll neva let u go your foreva my girl

U know why?

Тупак Шакур


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