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Just 'cause a nigga come in he got style

Don't think I won't flip it

Don't pull your file

But I got enough bullshit to deal with

I'm rollin' with the thugs so

You must be on drugs to the head

Get your ass break down

Broken half baby

I'm a feelin' like a motherfuckin psychopathic

And if you got beef best leave it in the freezer

I'm no joke

Mopreme straight lo

And you could get smoked

You hook the shit you get stroked

And all of that

And later be back for your motherfuckin dope sack

Kid it ain't the type of day to play doughnut

Don't get your ass sewn up

Why you leakin on my blown out

Hey, you're mixed up like a bowl of nuts

You fuck around and got it twisted up

Boy, don't get it twisted


Don't get it twisted!.....


It's the Macadoshis coming from the dark side

The park side where the O.G.s do ride

Ain't nothing but killers in the park

As many niggas lost they's heart

When my gat sparks

I'll bust a cap in that ass

Don't get it twisted

When I'm on a mission, niggas come with Mishy

You busters gettin disciplined

And you're comin' up short on your life

When i smoke you with this mac-10

When it's on it's on

Fuck it

I'm makin niggas kick the bucket when I check em' by inducis

Ain't no think to let my shit spin

You on my shit list hope you got a death wish

I tried to warn you but you missed me

You should have listened motherfucker when i said:

Don't get it twisted!


[Rated R]

Niggas got problems about gettin shit twisted

They need to stay the fuck out of grown folks business


Тупак Шакур


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