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My Niggas


HaHa thats right

Allright, Storm mutherfuckers

Ain't really knowing if you can flow or not

So do this shit like last time.

Verse 1


Holler my name nigga

You riding to scream

Must be a thug with a heart

To be a part of my team

It seems we got a problem

We ain't letting no women

And the feminine side

Has been denied time to give em a try


Finally made it now fuck us

Now who the dopest

The brothers or the sisters

I agree its a mans world

But why must niggaz diss us

I ain't trying to hear it

Witness my thug spirit


They keep on screaming bitches


Cuz Niggaz love to hear it

Called on my dawgs cuz they rowdy

Then a motherfucker

I love you niggaz like brothers (Pac laughs)

But don't fuck with me


Oh bad now, look what we got

Miss Billy Badass packing double glocks ugh

So all you niggaz be warned

From the dusk till the dawn

We might trip but I dare you tricks

To fuck around with Storm

We Outlawz I said it and meant it

And when you see my live on tv

Its strictly representing

Now let me hear you scream



This is for my niggaz

Only for my niggaz

For my niggaz

Let me see you throw your hands up


This is for my sistas

Only for my sistas

For my sistas

Let me see you throw your hands up

Verse 2


Now when I say Pig

You say B-I-G

When I say BadBoy Killa

Then you say ME

When I say Puffy is a punk

You scream word on my life

I wrote this shit while fucking Bigs wife


Now I been told that Lil Kim thinks

Тупак Шакур

My Niggas / Тупак Шакур

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