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Lost Souls

[Featuring Outlawz]

2Pac: Spoken

No one seperates what we create

Unstoppable, untouchable

Motherfuckin world wide mob figures

Death Row at its finest

M.O.B. thugs for motherfuckin life

Motherfuckin made niggas

We comin after these niggas world wide

Feel me

Makaveli The Don

My life in exchange for yours

Born hated as a thug

House full of babies cryin

From a lack of gettin love

Won't nobody tell me shit

Till I got a sac of drugs

At the block sewn up

Cause I wanna pack a gun

Do you feel me?

World do ya hear me?

Catch a risin' star

Fuck the love

Niggas fear me

Got these niggas runnin all wild

From my double R when we ride

Motherfuckers is sure to die

Boom once I enter the room

In the air all you hear

Is the whispers of doom

Niggas scared

They don't wanna see me head on

Think of all the busters

That I had to leave dead and gone

Called a brave nigga

Fuckin with a made nigga

M.O.B. gun fire

Gettin sprayed quicker

Fuck em all let em understand

My plot to get richer

Much more than 6 figures

A motherfuckin made nigga

(Feel me)

Motherfuckin Made Niggas

(Made Niggas)

I got a plot to get richer

Take my picture

A made nigga


Nigga I was raised on the streets

I had to hustle just to eat

My role model was killin niggas

So I know I would never be weak

They got me sittin wonderin

Where my life begins

These niggas cross my father

Then my father cross them

Cause I role with Immortal Thugs Niggas

And my number one plan

To kill a man and grab a needle

And drug niggas

Niggas don't like us

Because th

Тупак Шакур

Lost Souls / Тупак Шакур

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