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Heavy in the Game (feat. Richie Rich)

{all parts with Lady Levi speaking are strictly best guess}

*1 [Eboni Foster] Game's been good to me

*2 [Eboni Foster] I don't care what it did to them

The game's been good to me

[Lady Levi]

Oh, you tink life is yours?

Life ain't na somethin you can rap with

Ooh come na ordinary game

Da game na somethin you can rap with

Me's a player you know?

I do not, play in no game

Me just, make money, dollars, everytime seen?

Verse One: 2Pac

Now how can I explain how this game laced, plus with this fame

I got enemies do anything to break me, my attitude changed

Got to the point where I was driven, twenty-fourseven

Money's my mission, just a nigga tryin to make a livin

These busta tricks don't want no mail

They spendin they riches on skanless bitches

who'll stay petrified in jail

It's hell, plus all the dealers want a meal ticket

Jealous-ass bitches, playa-hatin but we still kick it

Always keep my eyes on the prize, watch the police

Seen so much murder, neighborhoods gettin no sleep

But still, I get my money on major, continuously

Communicatin through my pager, niggaz know me

Don't have no homies cause they jealous, I hustle solo

Cause when I'm broke I got no time for the fellas, listen

Ain't nothin poppin 'bout no work nigga, I ain't no joke

Fuck what they say and get your dough nigga

Heavy in the game *1

[Lady Levi]

Who da bumba claat him a come try take mine?

Oooh, me see you rushin up *1

I throw 'im blood claat P.M. to A.M.

All, all da bumba come ya take dis ting

for ya take dis ting for joke? *2

Oh! Dat's right

Verse Two: Richie Rich

Well lemme shoot some of this how heavy type

Тупак Шакур

Heavy in the Game (feat. Richie Rich) / Тупак Шакур

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