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Fair X-Change

[Intro: Jazze Pha]

Ladies and gentlemen! (And gentlemen)

This, is a Jazze Phizzile produc-shizzle (Jazze Pha, Jazze Pha)

My nizzle! (My nizzle) Ha!

Outlawz! (Outlawz) 2Pac, Makaveli!

Still breathin, yeah, woo - wooo-WHEEE!

[Verse One: 2Pac]

A picture of perfection, the object of a nigga affection

Partners in passionate sex, a place to put my erection

Fantasies of you in submission, freaky positions

Pushin permanent twistin I'm on a mission got me on the mash

Tried to dig, you was screamin when I did

Steady yellin out spots for me to hit, and aww shit

Soon as I seen her saw us playin hide the weiner


Тупак Шакур

Fair X-Change / Тупак Шакур

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