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Fuck 2Pac that nigga ain't shit

that nigga ain't from muhfuckin' New York

That nigga be out there with them Cali niggas

Yo nigga man fuck Pac that nigga West Coast

that fucker that always with them New York niggas

seen them with that nigga man that nigga ain't from the West Coast

Man fuck Pac fuck that nigga that nigga ain't really down

rapin' ass nigga I didn't do it fuck it with that nigga

fuck that nigga man fuck that nigga let that nigga go to jail right

and fuck that nigga fuck that nigga fuck you too nigga

2Pac (overlapping)

I'm in this muthafucka

I guess these muthafuckas tryin' to take me out the business right

I guess I ain't East Coast enough for my niggas back in New York

and I ain't West Coast for these niggas on the West huh?

Fuck e'rybody

Heh heh heh...

Thug style out this muthafucka niggas throw ya hands in the air

If you got Jeep make ya speakers pop

I want muthafucking police trying to pull niggas over on this one

We taking this one to the whole 'nother level gutter style Thug style

You feel me, things that we can only do as a real G

We ain't dead yet, feel me!!

Verse 1

I got my Hennessy find ya foes

in a room full of niggas tryin' to hide ya hoes

I'm getting high off buddha

'Cause the times be slow

I keep my mind on dough

you never find me broke

and who meee a nigga livin' life like a G

in that artillery keepin' niggas off of me

I can't sleep living in these wicked times

peep, niggas after me 'cause they see I'm stacking G's and heat

You can holler if you want to pleeease

I ain't runnin' with no punk crew beeee

enemies and my range is on

you're in the danger zo

Тупак Шакур

Redemption / Тупак Шакур

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