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When I Get Free II

Power.. pow.. power...

Guess who's back? Hahaha, here we go

It's ninety-fo', what's next?

Power.. enter my world

I guess this year gonna be a motherfucker for real niggaz

I swear these playa haters done got a taste of power

It ain't all good in the hood

Least not on my side, from where I stand

And the law? Man, fuck the law!

Niggaz must outthink, outstep, and continue to outsmart

the motherfuckin law, in every way

Key word in ninety-four is 'down low'

Gots to be struggling

I see how the rich got theirs

Nigga I'm legit, shit

Where do we go from here?

(Who's afraid, of the punk police?

To my niggaz run the streets, fuck peace) --

Тупак Шакур

When I Get Free II / Тупак Шакур

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