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Let Them Thangs Go

Throw them thangs [X3]

The quicker the nigga can go on

The faster the nigga can get his dough on

Then I can hit my flow and get my ho on

Them niggas don't know what goes on

They trying to fuck with all they clothes on

Then act up when all the hoes gone

Are you ready for my flow? hit me (Hoooooooo!) [X3]

Stop fronting motherfucker let them thangs go

I'm quick to kill a nigga any nigga feel me nigga

You can't fade me I'm way to fucking real nigga

2Pacalypse Now still down with the Underground

Niggas get clowned when I come around

Boom boom motherfucker and it don't stop

Fuck a cop pass the glock and it won't stop

If ya ready for my flow hit me (Hoooooooo!) [X3]

Stop fronting motherfucker let them thangs go

If ya wondering the thunder and the trouble

Is coming from the rebel as I hit ya from the lower level

Hit me once fucking D M and two times

Popping like two nines hitting 'em with new rhymes

I can make you love me

Best to chill with the nigga 'cause ya sure can't punch me

If ya feel me let me hear ya say (Rock that shit) [X3]

'Cause ain't a nigga alive that can stop the hit


Hey, hold on young 'Pac

Motherfuckers ain't riding no hookers out here

Punk motherfuckers think the town

Ain't got handle bars on and shit

And ya lie to get slapped behind here

With a motherfucking motor, punk sissy


Tell them motherfucking square ass niggas

Check this out

Y'all fonna come up off those motherfucking thangs

'Cause I ain't fonna be up in sweating for nothing

Ya little punk square nigga

I'm quick to spit the shit get ya open

Straight outta Oakland

Fuck the law get ya jaw broken

Ba ba ba bang bang nigga

Тупак Шакур

Let Them Thangs Go / Тупак Шакур

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