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Thug Style


*the first three notes of Taps plays*

M.A. Parks, C57797, you have a visitor

Right there, stall three

Hi baby.

Whassup honey?

Hey you know it's just only one more week until family visit.

Yeah I'ma rock them drawers.


Yeah but you know did you take care of that bidness I asked you to do?

I made those deposits.

Okay that's cool you bring that shit?

Yeah I got it.

Awright see that guard over there?


When you get done just hand him the shit, he know whassup.

Awright. Hey you know E just got cracked, he's in jail now.


Yeah, Go-Go's out. I just saw him runnin around the other day.

Ahh, fuck that fool. But anyway, what's happenin with my moms?

She gave me a message for you:

She said she's sorry she couldn't be here today, but she'll be here

next week.

Awright well check this out, I got somethin real important

I want you to tell her

[guard] C'mon c'mon this shit's over with.

*commotion breaks out*

[girl] I'm not done talking to him!

[guard] C'mon boy, back to your cell.

Shut that shit up bitch! He's outta here, c'mon.

[guy] Don't be callin my woman no bitch! I'll fuck you up!

[guard] Yeah yeah fool, what? Yeah yeah that's what they all say fool.

You institutionalized, and this is your home...

Guess who's back, and ready to knock off a cop or two

Cause me and the crew could still get our rocks off

The penetentiary don't stop a nigga cause he's in jail

Hell I'm makin more money on the street from here in a cell

I'm livin proper, the coppers is havin fits

I just made the profit, you punks ain't stoppin shit

I still remember my momma told me

Find the cop who

Тупак Шакур

Thug Style / Тупак Шакур

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