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I Wonder If Heavens Got A Ghetto

i was raised a little young nigga doin' bad shit

Talk much shit, cause i never had shit

I can remember bein' whooped in class

And if i didn't pass momma would whoop my ass

Was it my fault poppa didn't plan it out?

Broke out left me to be the man of the house.

I couldn't take it, had to make a profit

Found a block, got a glock, and i cocked it

Makin g's was my mission

Movin enough of this shit to get my momma out the kitchen

And why must i sock a fella

Just to live large like rockafella

First you didn't give a fuck, but you learnin now

If you don't respect our town, then will burn you down

God dam, it's a mutherfuckin riot

Black people on a rage, police so don't try it

If your not from the town, then don't pass through

Cause some old g, fools might blast you

It ain't right but it's long overdue

We can't have peace, till the niggas get a piece too

I want's so you labeled me a criminal

And if i die, i wonda if heaven's got a ghetto.

I wonder if heaven's got a ghetto

I wonder if heaven's got a ghetto

I wonder if heaven's got a ghetto

I wonder if heaven's got a ghetto

Here on earth

Tell me whats a black life worth

A bottle of juice is no excuse, the truth hurts

And even when you take the shit

Move cowards get a lawyer, you can shake the shit

Ask rodney, natasha, and many more

It's been goin on for years, theres plenty more

When they ask me when will i violence cease?

When your troops stop shootin niggas down in the streets

Niggas had enough, time to make a difference

Bear witness own a whole business

But regard cause it's hard tryin to make ends meet

But we couldn'

Тупак Шакур

I Wonder If Heavens Got A Ghetto / Тупак Шакур

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