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Check it Out Yall

[Mr. Mixx]

Check it out y'all

Ch-ch-check it out y'all

2 - 2 Live Crew

2 Li - 2 Li - 2 Li - 2 Live Crew

Fresh - Fresh - Fresh Kid Ice

Tre - Treach Dee Jay

Bro - Brother Marquis

Bus - Bust a rhyme

Verse 1: Brother Marquis

Extra extra, hear all the bad news

About the wacky-wack MCs and the ones like you

Because I've done everything that you have tried

And I've been accepted where you've been denied

I'm the M-A-R, the Q-U-I-S

Here to run down a rhyme at your request

I'm the New York born, who's sharp as a thorn

I came here tonight just to get it on

So listen up close and listen up well

Cause the Brother Marquis has a story to tell

This is a story about an MC

Who got real brave and challenged me

He thought that he was bad, he thought he was tough

Until I, what, until I called his bluff

And as the battle began, his rhymes got weaker

You couldn't even hear his voice come out the speaker

And as he started to get ignored

The party people turned and walked off the floor

They did not applaud and they did not cheer

And homeboys just said "Get the fuck outta here"

So as I cracked a smile and started to laugh

I could see the sucka duck muthafucka gettin mad

He had a frown on his face, he was hotter than fire

He wasn't competition but just a little biter

So, as he turned and walked away

With his head to the ground and nothing to say

Cause he was busted, disgusted, and couldn't be trusted

He tried to battle me and found self-DESTRUCTION

[Mr. Mixx]

2 Live Crew

2 Li - 2 Li - 2 Li - 2 Live Crew

Bus - Bust a rhyme

Bus - Bust a rhyme

Bus - Bust a rhyme

Fresh - Fresh Kid Ice


2 Live Crew

Check it Out Yall / 2 Live Crew

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