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Honeymoon with B Troop

My baby, she's crazy, she's lazy

So she's always bummin' around

Girls in France don't stand a chance

`Cos I've always got my baby around

So, don't touch her

Oh, it's so fine, and you know what's mine is mine

At night we, sleep tight we

Stay close together `cos the temperature's down

But baby, says maybe

Each time I try to get my fingers around

Please don't touch her

Sittin' with a tentpole, what a bloody jamboree

Listen to our motto, be prepared for ecstasy

Here comes the bride

My baby, goes topless

And brings her beauty to a bottomless day

She's bathing, al fresco

And all her mystery is there on display

So, don't get too close

Oh she's so fine, and you know what's mine is mine

Ooh it's a drag when you're hitched to a dream

And the boys in the gang think she's part of the scenery

You're never alone and the tension is painful to see

One night I, crept in and,

Got on my knees and tried to make her my wife

One reef knot, two grannies

And we were bound to stay together for life

Now we'd like to.......


Honeymoon with B Troop / 10cc

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