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Фрэнк Синатра Фрэнк СинатраАмериканский актёр, певец (крунер) и шоумэн

San Fernando Valley

Oh! I'm packing my grip

And I'm leav-in' to-day,

'Cause I'm takin' a trip

Cal-i-for-nia way

I'm gon-na set-tle down and nev-er more roam

And make the SAN FER-NAN-DO VAL0LEY my home.

I'll for-get my sins,

I'll be mak-in' new friends,

Where the West be-gins

And the sun-set ends,

'Cause I've de-cid-ed where "yours tru-ly" should be

And it's the SAN FER-NAN-DO VAL-LEY for me

I think that I'm safe in stat-in'

{She - He} will be wait-in'

When my lone-ly jour-ney is done-

And kind-ly old Rev-'rend Thomas

Made us a pro-mise

He will make the two of us one.

So, I'm hit-tin' the trail

To the cow coun-try.

You can for-ward my mail

Care of R.F.D.

I'm gon-na set-tle down and nev-er more roam

Фрэнк Синатра

San Fernando Valley / Фрэнк Синатра

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