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A Little Learnin Is A Dangerous Thing (Part 2)

with (Pearl Bailey)

Yeah, like I said that knowledge can mess up your life at times.

(Oh it makes you so nervous, I got a blank, now what's with you Frank?)

Well, dig me, I started to school just like all kids do.

(You mean, you were young once?)

I was a Mickey Rooney of my day, learned my lessons and got along fine.

(So should you clamor.)

And then as time went on, I learned a lot of other things,

(You clever boy!)

Uh huh, and I really had myself some jolly time.

(I can imagine as much.)

I never played any favorites, 'cause I was much too smart.

(You think you're too smart. Wait till you get further down.)

I had my boots on and I had them laced up tight.

(You talk like that in your era?)

Wrote a book, Pearl, but then I made a mistake.

(Most men do.)

Uh huh, I should have known from the start.

(Most men don't.)

Aha, let me tell you what happened last night.

(This is not this day's material?)

It's bad, 'cause it started with a gal.

(Always does.)

And her name, it was Sal.

(Sal, corny.)

Oh she was cute. She was as fine as a bird on the wing.

(Yeah, you always could think up,)

(But you are much too bright to fall in love the first night.)

But uh, a little learnin' is a dangerous thing.

(I told you that on the other side of the record.)

And then we danced for a time or two, till she said she was blue.

(Uh, huh, there it is.)

And right away, I was doing the thing...

(Just rushing through life.)

'Cause I was hip to the fact that I could always jump back

(Do a thing.)

But a little learnin' is a dangerous thing.

(Yes it is.)

She made with sweet talk.

(Uh hmmm.)

That so hard-to-beat talk.

(Know what, Frank?)-

Фрэнк Синатра

A Little Learnin Is A Dangerous Thing (Part 2) / Фрэнк Синатра

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